Khalas Alkharj Dates - خلاص

Khalas Alkharj Dates - خلاص

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About Product:
These dates are harvested from our farms located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Those are carefully segregated within the advanced course of our factories, which clean and sterilize products according to the highest Hygiene standards required to be a unique product of yours.

About Weight:
The weight of the product is approximately 95% accurate, and it might vary either a little higher or lower than the weight mentioned by a difference of 5%

About Packaging:
The product has been carefully packed with high-quality plastic boxes or bags to ensure that it remains in better condition for longer.

About Usage:
When opening the product packaging for use, it is suggested to place the product in a closed container for ventilation at a temperature not exceeding 22 ° C.

Serving Size 1 Date (15g)

Calories: 41 Per 1 Date

  • Protein 50 – 5.10%
  • Raw Fiber 40 – 11.50%
  • Calcium 85gm
  • Phosphorus 45gm
  • Iron 45gm
  • Potassium 20gm
  • Fat 075gm
  • Vitamin A 5 Intl unit