Dried Fruits - Mixed Berries

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NOORBEST Freeze Dried Mixed Berries

  • The perfect healthy snack you can't resist. 
  • Natural fruits dried by freeze-drying technology ensure the preservation of natural taste color and nutrients.
  • LIGHT AND CRUNCHY: Freeze-dried fruits have a light and crunchy texture, not like other heat-dried fruits.
    "VEGAN & DIABETIC FRIENDLY: All of our snacks are vegan sugar-free and diabetic friendly.
  • Free of all additives and perfect for all family members. "
    LOW CALORIE: Our snacks are low in calories and naturally high in fiber.
  • Great for diabetics and those looking for healthy alternatives.
  • GREAT ON THE GO: Our handy packs are great to eat in the office or school.
  • Pop them in your bag and they'll be there when you need to avoid the usual sugary snacks.


Diet: Gluten-Free & Vegan - Natural Fruits - diabetic friendly

Wight: 20 g

Packaging: Foil package